For Transparency, Justice, Equality, Progress, Democracy.


Red Flag - Anti-Corruption is an open network. It's aims are to campaign for social, economic and political justice. Elected representatives are accountable directly to the voters, using their best judgement. Red Flag is a political party for progressive change.


Red Flag – Anti-Corruption was formed in April 2014.


We believe that corruption and mis-management in the present political processes are endemic, but not inevitable. People are now so well-informed that they do not need to be told who to vote for, (if they ever did). Indeed, voters often seem wiser than politicians across-the-board. Red Flag is a vehicle for wider political involvement for progressive people.

What Next?

Red Flag is fielding its’ first candidate, Andy Erlam, in Bow East, Tower Hamlets Council elections on 22nd May 2014. Further details:

We start small and see what can be achieved.

Why Red Flag?

A red flag signifies that people have reached their limit in politics and that a complete transformation must take place – democratic, sensitive change. Red Flag stands for change.