For Transparency, Justice, Equality, Progress, Democracy.

1. Corruption, in many different forms, is now so commonplace that it distorts our everyday lives. Many things that we have previously taken for granted – that we can trust authority figures, that factual evidence it will be acted upon and that where change is necessary it will be implemented – must now be fought for. Tackling corruption is not easy, because as it becomes more prevalent, its beneficiaries become more widespread and inevitably influential.

2. Red Flag Anti-Corruption believes that corruption in the form of bribery is an tax on economic, social and cultural activity; that in the form of maladministration is grotesque incompetence, and in the form of failure to implement the law for unknown or unstated reason is simple criminality. It may be wise to start the fightback by focusing on what we know, what we recognise under our noses and in our backyards as unacceptable bad and corrupt practice.

3. The Party stands firmly against corruption within the political system. Financial corruption is a major issue, within central government, local authorities and other public agencies. These organisations have massive direct spending powers and ‎legal powers, e.g. planning affecting property development; investigative powers sometimes affecting basic human rights.

4. We know from the appalling child abuse cases across the country that the Establishment has an astonishing‎ capacity to cover-up the most utterly appalling crimes and continue to do so with apparent immunity despite intense media scrutiny.

5. Red Flag - Anti-Corruption started in Tower Hamlets, in London's East End because the problems of electoral corruption were so widespread that an Election Petition had to be launched by 4 voters in June 2014, which resulted in the mayor Lurfur Rahman and a councillor being banned from office from 5 years and a new election. Major police and government investigations and reforms followed.

6. ‎All the major political parties have let the people down. They are not accountable and do not generally listen to the people. Red Flag will seek new ways to consult and involve people - extending democracy. Now is the time for change.

7. Austerity? The present financial crisis is being used to cut back on social provision and the role of the state. The crisis was caused by massively expensive foreign wars which achieved nothing apart from making Britain a terrorist target and disrupting lives in other countries. Cuts reduce confidence and economic activity. New ways must be found to make the economy serve the people and promote equality, harmony and progress.

8. Locally in Tower Hamlets there have been many divisions and fractures in communities as a direct result of corruption and divisive policies. This has taken the form of false promises, fraud, abuse of resources.

9. The service from the police has been affected. Poor service and corruption leads to public alienation from the police and isolation of the police There is a strong need to invest in greater public scrutiny and accountability.

10. Nationally, the signs of the crisis are easy to see. The question is: what is to be done?

11. Things will only change when people come together and demand that everything changes. Red Flag is a vehicle for change and it aims at the widespread participation of people brought together by a common aim - high quality public administration and change.